Todas las carnes se acompañan con ensalada y papa al vapor o papa a la francesa

All steaks come with a garden salad and your choice of steamed potatoes or french fries

LOMITO SANTO TORIBIO – 1/4 –inch thick steak made with a mushroom sauce

LOMITO PIMIENTA - 1/4 –inch thick steak made with a pepper sauce

LOMITO FINAS HIERBAS - 1/4 –inch thick steak served in a fine herbs sauce

FILETE MIGNON – Juicy filet mignon

LOMITO CAFE PARIS - 1/4 –inch thick steak topped with cut bacon

LOMITO PIZZAIOLA - 1/4 –inch thick steak topped with ham, cheese and tomato sauce

CHATOUBRIAND REY FARUH - Chateaubriand style steak grilled and served with a tomato cream sauce and shrimp

CHUZO DE LOMO FINO CON TAHINE, TABBULE, ENSALADA – Steak Kabob served with Tahini, Tabbule and a side salad